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♥ I would just like to type this up here for anyone who wants to pay attention to it. It really helps me in writing to look back at these tips:


"He Said, She Said
by Ellen

Things like “he snarled” and “she shouted” at the end of dialogue are called noisy tag lines. Well, that’s not their official name; it’s just what I call them. With noisy tag lines, characters are snapping, crying, yelling, hissing, snarling, growling, wailing, or shrieking. It sounds like an afternoon at the zoo. Many writing books say you should avoid using noisy tag lines. They say that writers should be able to express these emotions in the dialogue itself,and just a plain “he said” or “she said” should be enough in most cases. They have a good point. What often happens in dialogue is that readers mentally skip over the “he said/she said” part and just read the dialogue itself. This gives the dialogue a nice, natural flow. Using the noisy tag lines makes the tag line pop out, which can be distracting to readers, pulling their focus away from the dialogue.

Still, I’m not a fan of “you shouldn’t” rules when it comes to writing. Some of the world’s finest writers were incorrigible rule breakers. I think it’s fine to break rules, so long as you know what the rules are and you are breaking them for a good reason.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about noisy tag lines.

  1. When you want to use a noisy tag line, first check and see if you really need it, for instance:

    "I hate this stupid camp!" Jennifer cried.

    Can you hear the sound of annoyance in Jennifer’s voice? It’s clear from what she says and the exclamation point that she’s pretty upset. You don’t really need to use cried because you can hear it in the dialogue.
  2. Too many noisy tag lines all clumped together makes for too much noise. Look at this example:

    "Leave my hair alone," he snarled.
    "But it ooks nice all fluffy," she squealed.
    "Next time you touch my hair, I’ll take your comb and throw it out the window," he snapped.
    "But I just want to put a little mousse in it," she wailed.

    That’s an awful lot of snapping and squealing and wailing. It might be hard for your readers to concentrate on the story with all that noise.
  3. Consider if you actually need a tag line at all. When you have a long passage filled with dialogue, you don’t need to add tag lines to every line of dialogue if it’s obvious who is speaking. For instance:

    "You lied to me," Ben said.
    "I had to," said the dragon.

    "But I trusted you."
    "Never trust a dragon."
    "Why not?"
    "Because we have nine-inch talons and fire coming out our mouths! For heaven’s sake, kid, grow up."
    "The odds don’t look too good for that, though, do they?"
    "Nope. Not good at all."

    Occasionally eliminating tag lines can give your dialogue a great flow. It also gives the dialogue a quicker pace, which can be useful in tension-filled scenes.
  4. Double-check that your noisy tag line makes sense. Think about this one:

    "You are disgusting!" she laughed.

    It’s hard to laugh and talk at the same time. The words come out all funny. Try it.
  5. You may actually want a noisy scene with lots of snarling and snapping. In that case, try and use some noisy tag lines, but take care not to use too many. A few well-chosen shrieks or wails can ratchet up the drama in a scene.

~Spilling Ink: A Young Writer’s Handbook by Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter


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